How I Started Hand Painting on Rocks

The first rock I painted was in the summer of 1972 when I was around 10 years old.  My two best friends were sisters thirteen months apart in age, and they lived down the block from me - we were inseparable.

Their parents treated me like I was one of their own and would often invite me along on family vacations to their property in upstate New York where they owned 120 acres of land.

We would get up early in the morning and play in the stream, chase butterflies, pick strawberries and hike up the grassy mountain near their trailer.

Their mom was very creative and would always find something for us to do on those long hot summer days.  It was one day while we were playing in the stream when she called to us to find a piece of slate and bring it up to the picnic table she had set up for us outside.

She had paints and brushes set up for us and told us to paint whatever we wanted on the rock.  I painted a basket of blue & yellow flowers on mine.

It wasn't perfect by any means but when I got home and showed it to my parents they absolutely loved it.  They bought a picture stand and displayed it in their living room and it still sits there today, some 40 years later.

I started painting again many years later after having a family of my own.  I needed a fun and creative outlet while the kids were either napping or in school.

I knew I was hooked when I picked up a copy of 
"Painting Flowers on Rocks(link to purchase is in the right sidebar) by Lin Wellford.  She is the master rock painter in my opinion and gives great instruction in all of her educational books on painting.
Pictured below two of many painted flower rocks that I based on Lin Wellford's instructional book...

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