Sunday, October 20, 2019

Free Poncho Pattern

I live in North Carolina and the winter here is not always cold enough to require a heavy jacket, so I got the idea to make a poncho to throw over myself when running errands.

I really like the look of this one, and the hood too, it just looks so comfortable.

I also thought it would be nice to wear on a plane trip or for a long car ride because sometimes it gets really cold and you want a blanket but at the same time want to keep your hands free...  

Anyway, I thought I would post this free pattern from Ravelry.  I will post a picture when I'm done.

Medium & Large:

Round 1: ch61, join in first ch (both loops), ch1, hdc60, sl st (using both loops), ch1
Round 2-16: hdc60, sl st, ch1
This is the end of the Cowl. Continue to R17 to make the Poncho.
Round 17: *inc, hdc4* (72sts)
Round 18-22: hdc72, sl st, ch1
Skip to Round 23 below and continue to desired length.
Round 23: *inc, hdc5*, sl st, ch1 (84sts)
Round 24: *inc, hdc6*, sl st, ch1 (96sts)
Round 25: *inc, hdc7*, sl st, ch1 (108sts)
Round 26: *inc, hdc8*, sl st, ch1 (120sts)
Round 27-28: hdc around, sl st, ch1 (120sts)
Round 29: *inc , hdc9*, sl st, ch1 (132sts)
Round 30-31: hdc around, sl st, ch1 (132sts)
For Capelet, fasten off and sew the tail in. Continue for Poncho.
Round 32: *inc, hdc10*, sl st, ch1 (144sts)
Round 33: hdc around, sl st, ch1 (144sts)
Round 34: *inc, hdc11*, sl st, ch1 (156sts)
Round 35: hdc around, sl st, ch1 (156sts)
Round 36: *inc, hdc12*, sl st, ch1 (168sts)
Round 37: *inc, hdc13*, sl st, ch1 (180sts)
Round 38: *inc, hdc14*, sl st, ch1 (192sts)
Round 39: *inc, hdc15*, sl st, ch1 (204sts)
Round 40: *inc, hdc16*, sl st, ch1 (216sts)
Round 41: *inc, hdc17*, sl st, ch1 (228sts)
Round 42: *inc, hdc18*, sl st, ch1 (240sts)
When you find the length is sufficient, fasten off and sew in the tails. Continue for a longer fit.
Round 43: *inc, hdc19*, sl st, ch1 (252sts)
Round 44: *inc, hdc20*, sl st, ch1 (264sts)
Round 45: *inc, hdc21*, sl st, ch1 (276sts)
Round 46: *inc, hdc22*, sl st, ch1 (288sts)
Round 47: *inc, hdc23*, sl st, ch1 (300sts)
Round 48: *inc, hdc24*, sl st, ch1 (312sts)
Round 49: *inc, hdc25*, sl st, ch1 (324sts)

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Learn How to Crochet Earrings!

If you know how to crochet already, this project might be for you!

Bohemian style crochet earrings are so trendy right now, the new look is boho from what I understand, and these earrings are definitely Boho!

Once you get started, there is just no end to how many pairs you can make because they only take a short time to complete!

One tip I will give you when you if you decide to start making these fashionable and trendy earrings is to make both earrings before moving on to the next earring pattern.  This way you won't forget which pattern you were using and what size hook to use.

You can purchase the pattern for the earrings pictured above at Creative Accessorise, one of my favorite Etsy shops to purchase earring patterns from.

Below is a picture of another pattern from the same shop...  

I learned how to crochet from a friend who knew how.  She learned from her grandmother, and in turn was able to show me first hand how to crochet, read a pattern, and guide me through my first few projects which was so helpful. 

But if you don't know how to crochet and want to learn, there are many videos on YouTube available to teach you, just type learn how to crochet into the search bar, and you will come up with videos like this...

Or perhaps you might want to purchase a book to teach you.  Here is a link to a book ...

Click on picture above to learn more about this great instructional book...

Customer review:  "This must be the best crochet course book ever written. I have a few, including the one from Rowan, which goes directly into the stitching almost immediately. This book, however, gives you the why of doing something a certain way. It tells you how to choose the right yarn for the right project, It gives you so much up-front information, that all your questions are answered before you ever pick up the hook and lay it to yarn."

I will say that having the right size hooks with a good handle is really important especially when you are just beginning.  Here is a great choice...

Click on picture to learn more about these crochet hooks
Customer Review:  "I love these crochet hooks. I like the rubber ergonomic handles. I have arthritis and it helps to hold and work comfortably. I especially like that it includes the letters and not just the MM hook size. I highly recommend these hooks and like them so much I have ordered a set to use when I travel in our RV and will order them as a gift for the girl I am teaching crochet."

Recently my daughter asked me to teach her how to crochet and she is making a super soft cozy blanket for her first project and is doing a fantastic job.  I will post a picture of it when she's done.

Here is a picture of my daughter modeling a pair of large turquoise crochet earrings I made following the instructional video below (under the picture of her)

I am working on translating the above video into a written pattern.  While I actually enjoy this woman's voice, some may find it a little difficult to understand because she has a thick accent.  I will post the written pattern here under the video after I transcribe it.

Crocheting is a relaxing hobby, and it's a great way to accomplish something perhaps while you are binge watching one of your favorite shows.  I always have a project going.

I love the style of crochet earrings and have found a source for purchasing patterns on Etsy that may interest you as well.  Here is the link to the Etsy shop where I puchased at least 10 amazing patterns.

These crochet earrings are boho, stylish, versatile and lightweight.  They make great gifts for friends and the ideas are endless as far as what you can make and perhaps even sell at craft fairs.

There's just no end to how many different earrings you can make with yarns like these...

This yarn weighs 5g and it is the same kind of yarn I used to make the
 turquois eearrings above that my daughter is modeling.  I used a 2.25 hook
To learn more about this yarn, click on the picture above

Crochet projects are really just the combination of three to four basic stitches and once you learn these, it's the combination of these basic stitches that can make beautiful projects like the earrings below.

Links to my PINTEREST Boards:

<< See most of my artwork here:  nancymaggielee>>

Painted Grapevine StemlessWine Glass

Tshirt - Crafter Tshirt
Tshirt - Crafter Tshirt

So, if you're going to crochet earring, you may want to have a pair of really sharp scissors on hand like the ones pictured below.  They are great for trimming fringe, especially on macrame earrings...

Tailor Scissors 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

Here are some pictures of the wine glasses I have recently made with Deco Art paint pens.

Click on this link to my Etsy shop (nancygirlcreations) to see more pictures.

Underneath each picture is a direct link to each glass if you would
 like to learn more, please stop by anytime.

Hand-Painted Monarch Butterflies Wine Glass

Bird Wine Glass

Butterfly Wine Glass

White Daisies Hand-Painted Wine Glass

Peacock Feather Wine Glass

Dragonfly Hand-Painted Wine Glass

Hand-Painted Penguin Wine Glass

Hand-Painted Peacock Wine Glass

Hand-Painted Butterfly & Lilac Wine Glass

Hand-Painted Ladybug Wine Glass

Deco Art Paint Pens come in a wide variety of colors and provide great
control when painting on glass...
Click the picture above for a direct link to the pens used to make these glasses

 Be creative, and be happy!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Hand-Painted Rocks - Painting on Rocks is a Fun Craft for All Ages

My hobby is a little bit of a quirky sounding one, I love painting on rocks!

You only need a few things to get started with this fantastic hobby that the whole family can enjoy.

Most of the supplies are inexpensive, free, or can be purchased at a local craft store with a coupon. 

Here is a link to a coupon you can access on your phone and have scanned in the store.

In addition, you can find just about everything you need to get started at online sellers like Amazon.

There are many different methods for painting on rocks, and there are so many different things you can paint on a rock.

Well, the ideas that come to my mind are endless!  It just depends on what you like and what sparks your creativity.

Here is a picture of one of my painted rocks...

Irises & Hollyhocks
Hand-Painted Rock
 by nancymaggielee

You could paint flowers on rocks, birds, butterflies, fairies, cottages, animals, words and inspirational messages to name just a few.

<< See pictures of my painted rocks here >>

Over the course of painting many different rocks, I have found different methods of transferring designs onto my rocks to get the outcome I desire.

On this website I will outline each method I have used to design my rocks and from those you can choose which one you like best.  Why not try them all?

If you find a rock you want to paint and you start with a method that's not working out for you, simply wash the rock and start over and perhaps try a different method.