Saturday, November 10, 2018

Faux Stained Glass

I came across this beautiful stained glass craft on an amazing website the other day, Susie's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom.   You will find a link to the directions here.

Faux Stained Glass Peackock

There you will find over 200 craft tutorials!  The one that jumped out at me though was the stained glass peacock made with glue and paint.  Easy peasy.

And I love easy peasy crafts.

Stained glass is a stunning craft that I have always wanted to try.  However, since I'm not a fan of cutting glass and the mess and learning curve that would be involved with ordinary stained glass projects, I had never tried it.

So it's actually the simplicity of the faux stained glass project pictured above and the endless possibilities are what attracted to me to wanting to try it.

Oooh, maybe I'll make a faux cardinal!...

Cardinal Stained Glass

So off I went out to the Dollar Tree and bought a frame for, yep, you guessed it, a dollar!  LOL!!!

Then off to A.C. Moore where I purchased my clear glue of course using my 40% coupon from my phone.  That came to about $2.00

I already have paint brushes and acrylic paints so I didn't need those.

Now, on to finding stained glass patterns.  You can purchase stained glass coloring books at most craft stores like Michaels, A.C. Moore, or Hobby Lobby...

I recently purchased Trace & Paint Flowers (pictured below) at Hobby Lobby because I want to start painting flower canvases, and now I think it will come in handy for this craft as well.

This book contains outlines of each of the painted pictures of flowers within.  They are removable and very easy to insert under the glass you will use to make faux stained glass.

If you would like to try this project, you can just type stained glass flower patterns into Google, and click on 'Images' to get free patterns.

To use this free method follow the instructions below:

1.  In the Google search engine, type "stained glass flower patterns".

Here are links to other subjects that may be wonderful to use in this craft (all are affiliate links, so if you purchase from these links, I will earn a small commission)...

(Directions continued below...)

Garden Flowers

2.  Right click over the picture you would like to paint, and select 'Save Image As'.  Save it to your desktop so that it's easy to find.

3.  Find the image you selected on your desktop and with your mouse over the picture, right click on 'Copy'.  Minimize this window by clicking the - icon in top right corner.

4.  Immediately following, in another window, open a word processing document.  Now from within the document, select 'Paste'.

5.  Your image should appear and you can use the arrow keys to make it larger or smaller.

6.  Print your image.

7.  Have fun!

Here is a link to the directions for this amazing and inexpensive craft that the whole family can enjoy.

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Faux Stained Glass

Faux Stained Glass

How To Use an Opaque Deco Paint Marker 
in the art of Faux Stained Glass

Deco Color Paint Pens are available on line in many colors or they can also be purchased at A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts Store
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