Monday, January 15, 2018

Learn How to Make These Decorative Candle Holders Decoupaged with Napkins & Ribbon Bling

Today, I came across these beautiful black and white candle holders on YouTube.  In my opinion, they are just stunning!

I could not believe how easy and inexpensive they were to make from watching the video, and I just had to share.

There are many other candle holder centerpieces that you can make from this channel, but these jumped out at me and definitely caught my eye because I love bold black and white patterns.

I'm sure I'll try this project in the near future along with the other decorative candle centerpieces that are posted on this channel.

This is also a relatively inexpensive project.  The supplies you will need are linked below for your convenience (they are affiliate links so if you buy them through here, I do want to be up front and tell you that I will make a modest commission).


You can purchase some of these items at your local Dollar Tree store or you can order them in bulk on line at the links directly below and have them delivered to your front door.

4" Glass taper candle holders (for this project you will need 4)

Glass candle bowl (for this project you will need 3)

You will also need:

White acrylic paint (I like Apple Barrel)

Black & white damask napkins (in the video link, Maria said she found the napkins she's using at the Dollar Tree, but I couldn't find them at my store.  I did, however, find them on Amazon (link here).

Here is the video instruction by Maria, the creator of this gorgeous centerpiece...

The supplies needed are also linked below the actual videos on the channel itself which is called SplendidIdeasWithMaria (you can subscribe to her channel at this link).

If you are going to make this specific project with the white background, make sure the napkins have a black print, but more importantly a white background.

I really like Maria's ideas and her instruction is straightforward and easy to follow.  What I want to know though, is how does she use that glue gun without burning her fingers or making a mess???  LOL!

These candle holders probably cost about $10 to $12 to make, but you could probably sell this decorative candle trio on line or at a craft fair for over $50.  I know I would definitely pay that much for them!

In any case, I hope you have fun making these gorgeous candle holders if you decide to try this project!

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Here is another idea for decorating candle holders from SplendidIdeasWithMaria:

You can buy ribbon bling on Amazon if you click the picture below (affiliate link):

However, the other day I was shopping at Michaels and I saw they have a wide variety of ribbon bling!  So if you go to Michaels, don't forget to use an online coupon to purchase because they have one available every week.

Please find below the video instruction to make the teal blue candle holders pictured above. 

The supplies are basically the same as they are for making the black and white damask candle holders, however, Maria will go through the specific supplies for the teal holders in the video.

Just remember...

Being creative means being happy!