Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lovely Decoupaged Tin Can


Painted tin cans make beautiful art.  I saw the one pictured above on Pinterest and thought it would make a stunning gift.

Simply by painting and or decoupaging, you can turn a simple tin can into a beautiful container for holding miscellaneous items on your dresser, in your craft area, kitchen, laundry room, or back porch, etc.

You can also use these cans to plant flowers and greenery to spruce up any room in your house.

What a simple and inexpensive way to turn a plain old tin can that would most likely be thrown out into a beautiful work of art!

I'm sure these cans would sell like hotcakes at a craft show or flea market, too.

You could begin by saving your tin cans and enlisting the help of your friends, family and neighbors too.

I'm sure most people recycle these cans, but instead you can collect them to have all different shapes and sizes.

Learn more about the art and craft of decoupage by clicking this link.

You can purchase most of the following items at a local craft store like A.C. Moore or Michaels, but you can have them delivered to your front door if you purchase them online at Amazon, links below.

SUPPLIES:  Click on any of the images below to learn more...

tin cans (free!)

acrylic paint:

foam paint brushes

decoupage paper or images that can be found in magazines or seed catalogs,

I think these butterflies would look gorgeous 
decoupaged onto a painted tin can...

Mod Podge

acrylic sealer

lace or trim (optional)

hot glue and glue gun (optional)

Dover Publications is another great source for images, some of them come with their own CD Rom for you to download your images to cut out right onto your computer.  I have the book pictured below:

Dover Publications is a great source
for images to use for decoupage projects


1)  Simply wash the tin can with warm soapy water, dry thoroughly.

2)  Using the foam paint brush, paint the can with the base color, you may have to do two or three coats to get an even coverage.

3)  Find images to cut out and using the Mod Podge, adhere them to the can.

4)  When the images are firmly dried on the tin can, go over the whole can again with Mod Podge, covering the images too.  Mod Podge dries clear and is made for this purpose.

5)  If you would like a glossy finish, use an acrylic sealant spray and cover the whole tin can with the sealant to give a nice finished look (of course, doing this step in a well-ventilated area or preferably outside).

6.)  Add trim or lace as desired using the hot glue.

The possibilities for this craft are endless!


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