Sunday, August 28, 2016

Learn How To Make a Grape Vine Stemless Wine Glass

Grapevine Wine Glass

Pictured here is a wine glass I painted with grape vines.  It was so much fun to make, and with the right tools, you can make one too.  Just follow the simple directions below:

1)  First, you can purchase really nice wine glasses at Dollar Tree, for you guessed it, only $1.00 each! Or you may just have a wine glass in your house already that you would like to decorate.  Just make sure whatever glass piece you're using is washed with mild soap and water and dry to start.

2)  To find images to transfer onto your glass:  You can access pictures of grapevines by typing any one of the following phrases into Google - stained glass grape vines, realistic grapevines, grape vine coloring pages.  After you type any of these suggested phrases in your search bar, click on 'Images'.  Or, if you would like to, try clicking the links above to be taken to the search engine page results (SERPs) for each phrase.

Gloss enamel paints come in large variety of colors and are less
expensive than paint pens  (click image to learn more)
This method can be used to find any image you would like to transfer onto glass or other crafts.  I just included the links to show you how easy it is to access hundreds of images to transfer by using a search engine and selecting the 'Images' option in the choices at the top of the page.

3)  Once you type your search phrase and select 'Images', scroll down the page of grape vine images, and when you see one you would like to transfer onto your wine glass, hover over it with your mouse.
Right click on the image, and you will see a new box of choices appear, select 'Copy Image' from the menu.

4)  Next, open up a Word Processing document in a new window.  With the blank WP screen before you, select 'Paste'.  The image selection of whatever grapevine you were hovering over should appear on the page now with a black outline around it.  Resize the picture to fit the glass piece you are going to paint.  Access the Help menu to resize the picture if you don't know how to do this part.  However, it's usually pretty easy, you just click the any corner of the black outline and move your mouse to make it bigger or smaller.

5)  Once you feel you have the right size, print the picture (it doesn't have to be in color but it might make things easier in the long run for you to help you color in the picture with your paint pens. If, however, you only have a black and white printer, just print the picture and save the WP document with the picture you are going to paint to your desktop to access it for easy reference for color selections.

6)  To make a glass that looks like the one pictured in this post, you will need Deco Art Paint Pens. You can get them at your local craft store.  You will need a black extra fine, purple fine point, light purple, green fine point, and white extra fine point.

You can get them here at Amazon.  They come in a wide variety of colors and in three different widths - extra fine, fine line and broad line.  The black extra fine is great for the outlining of your image onto your glass.  And, as you can imagine, you would need the fine line or broad line for coloring in your image.
Deco Art Paint Pens by Marvy Uchida offer great control
and consistency for glass painting.

7)  At this point you should have the picture of your grapes, your wine glass washed and ready to go, and your Deco Art Paint Pens in all the colors ready to use.

Take your grapevine picture and cut it out to fit inside of your wine glass.  Place your picture inside the glass with the ink showing through to the front.  Press it into the curve of the glass as best as you can.  Use scotch tape to tape it into place.

Image result for stained glass grapevine coloring page
An image like this one would be great for a first
glass painting project

8)  Using your extra fine black Deco Art Paint Pen outline the grapevine picture.  Let it dry for about 30 minutes.  After it dries, use the rest of the colors to fill in the image. Let the paint dry overnight.

9)  To adhere (or cure) the paint onto the glass permanently, place your glass piece into a kitchen oven on a lined (with parchment paper for safety sake) cookie sheet or tray.  Turn your oven on to 350 degrees and let the piece heat up slowly with the oven (this will prevent sudden temperature change to keep it from breaking).  When it reaches 350, set your timer for 30 minutes.  When the timer sounds, turn your oven off leaving the piece in the oven to cool down slowly.  Leave it there to cool completely.

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