Saturday, June 25, 2016

Glass Nativity Scene Decorations

Okay, so I know that Christmas is coming when it's almost July. lol! I know that may sound crazy, but anyway I always start thinking about making crafty Christmas gifts around this time of year.

(Not only that, but when July rolls around I already feel like I better get a move on or I'm going to run out of time!)

The nativity scene pictured above was made with vinyl cutouts that were either cut out by the crafter or purchased and glued onto the outside of the glass mason jar.

However, if you wanted to make this nativity scene or ones just like it, you can use the method I will out line below as it may be a little less expensive for you to make a lot more nativity scene mason jars to give away as gifts or to decorate your own home at Christmas.

I just love Deco Art paint pens for many reasons. The paint is so easy to control and you can use them in all areas of your home without worrying about the mess of spilling and pouring paint, cleaning brushes and all the other messy parts of painting.

Depending on what you are creating, these pens also rock because they come in all different sizes. So, for example, if you want to write on glass or outline something, you would use the "extra fine" point paint pen.  For coloring in large spaces like the nativity scene, you would use a black "broad line" Deco Art paint pen.

SUPPLIES needed to make the mason jar scene with my paint method:

Glass mason jar (you could also recycle a large glass jar from your kitchen)
Print out of a nativity scene
Scotch tape
Black sharpies (for outlining)
Black Deco Art broad line paint pen
Black Deco Art extra fine paint pen
Small candle

You, if you choose, you could also use a Kraftyblock to make a larger nativity scene (I'm definitely doing this and can not wait to see how it comes out!)

DIRECTIONS for making the nativity jar with Deco Art paint pens:

1)  Wash your glass jar with soap and water and let it dry.

2)  Open up a blank word processing document.  In another window, go into your search engine, say Google, and type "nativity silhouette" in the search bar.  When you see a silhouette you want to use, hover over it with your mouse.  Right click on the picture.  Click "Copy image".  Go into your blank word processing document.  Hit "Ctrl" key + the letter "V" (to paste the pic into your WP doc).  The nativity scene silhouette should appear.  Resize it to fit your glass jar by moving the line around the image on the screen.  Print it out.

3)  Cut your silhoette out (not around the intricate lines of the silhouette, but with the white background), make sure the image fits into the glass so that you can see the scene on most of the front side of the glass. When you are satisfied with the size and position, tape it to the inside of your glass jar with the ink showing through the front of the glass so you can trace the pattern easily.

4)  Trace the silhouette outline using a regular Sharpie marker.

5)  Remove the silhouette print from the inside of the glass jar.

6)  Place a piece of plain white paper into the jar so you can see your outline clearly.  Color in the silhouette with your black Deco Art paint pens, using the extra fine point for the thinner more detailed areas and fill in with the broad line.

7)  When your jars have dried, you can place a small candle inside and watch your creation dazzle.

Be creative, and be happy!

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