Saturday, April 2, 2016

Learn How To Make a Beautiful Pendant from Polymer Clay

Did you know that you can make gorgeous jewelry from polymer clay?  It's a fun craft that anyone of any age can do with the right materials.

The pendants pictured above can be made using ivory colored Sculpey clay and wildflowers that are found outside.

Simply use the natural flower to make the impression in the clay piece that's been molded by hand into a circle shape.

Next, bake it in your kitchen oven following the directions on the Sculpey package.  Color in with Sharpie permanent markers and seal with Mod Podge after ink has dried.

What about matching earrings to match?

Something I love about this craft is that the possibilities are endless, the sky is the limit, and once you make one of these pendants, you just might get addicted to working with polymer clay.

I saw this video on Youtube and just had to share it.

Sculpey clay comes in a wide variety of colors.  For the pendant in the above video tutorial, you will need small amounts of black, navy, turquoise, and pearl colored clay.

Sculpey Clay is available in a wide variety of colors

To make the metal bale, you will need a small amount of 16 gauge wire and a needlenose plier.  To finish this piece you will need a piece of thick black cord and the end caps and clasp pieces to join the ends together.

You can buy all of these supplies t your a local craft store such as A.C. Moore.  Don't forget your coupon!

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