Saturday, December 5, 2015

Learn How To Make These Gorgeous Temari Balls

The beautiful Japanese temari balls pictured above would be just the perfect centerpiece for a dining room table or, because of their meaning, you could make them into Christmas tree ornaments to give to family and friends.

Traditionally, temari balls were made from the fabric of old kimonos.  In Japan, parents would wrap each temari ball with a small piece of paper containing a wish for a brilliant and happy life written on it.  They would give their children this gift on New Year's day.

  The children would never know what the wish was.  The outside of the ball then be decorated with threads in a beautiful design.

Sometimes a temari ball would be wrapped with a bell or rice grains to make noise, and it is said that they were wrapped so tightly that they could bounce.

Temari balls are considered to be highly valued and treasured gifts that symbolize true friendship and loyalty.  The bright threads and colors used to create each unique temari ball are a symbol of wishing the recipient a wonderful life filled with happiness and prosperity.

There are quite a few books available that
 can teach you more about this beautiful art form 

Today in Japan, to be considered a "temari artist" requires intense training and skill,
 although one can still enjoy this art form on a more casual level by creating their own
 with the books and videos available.

Please watch this video to learn more about how you can make temari balls, too!

Be creative, and be happy!

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