Thursday, October 29, 2015

Celtic Knot Rings... so much fun!

This celtic knot ring is so beautiful, and with the tutorial given here is probably not that difficult to make if you follow the directions on it.

I can not wait to try this project and will post the results once I have them.

The meaning of the celtic knot is a spiritual one.  When we look at the celtic knot, we can see there is no beginning or end, which in my own particular frame of reference, means that we are the divine and infinite creations of God (you can substitute another word here based on your own beliefs).

Wire jewelry is all the rage.  The rings in the tutorial below are fashionable, and really very simple to make.  I made about three of them in less than an hour!  Not bad if you need a fun gift to give a friend, or if you need a piece of jewelry in a flash to go with a new outfit..

This project is great for beginners.  Check it out below...

 Just get creative, look for beads that sing to you, buy some wire and some wire tools and get going!  The tutorial will explain to you what supplies you need to make these stylish rings.

  You can make some gorgeous, homemade jewelry gifts to give to friends and family, so stunning, so beautiful, and each one a conversation piece...

Be creative, and be happy!

Here is a nice set of jewelry tools, it's probably more cost effective to buy them in a kit
this way you'll always have the right tool on hand.

Jewelry wire to make the rings in the above video

Pretty Celtic Knot Ring

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