Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How I Started Painting on Rocks

Do you remember painting on rocks as a child?  I do.

My first painted rock looked similar to, but not exactly like the one pictured here...

Back in the summer of 1972 in the mountains of upstate New York I painted my first rock on summer vacation with my best friends. 

Their family owned 117 acres of land there and they took me with them quite often. We loved to spend the days exploring, climbing mountains, picking strawberries and playing in the creek. It was always fun, we had no place to go and all day to get there.

My best friends happened to be sisters and only 13 months apart in their ages. My age was right in between so we were great friends (well, being sisters I guess they didn't always get along, but when it was the three of us together we had great fun, lol!)

Their mom, Mrs. "P", was like my second mother. She was very creative and loved anything crafty, in addition to being an avid seamstress.  While upstate on one particular day she told us to go down to the creek and find a rock or a piece of slate, wash it off and dry it. When we got back from the creek she had a little picnic table set up for us.

On the table were some paint brushes and acrylic paints that she brought from home (there were no Michaels and A.C. Moores in upstate New York in 1972!) and suggested ideas to us as to what we could paint on them.

I made a basket of blue and yellow flowers with white centers on a piece of slate - not perfect by any means - but when I got home and showed my parents, they loved it. They bought a picture stand and put there to display in the living room.  It is still there today in 2015. (I guess they really did like it)!

I didn't realize it at the time how something like that would inspire me to love art and painting in my adult life as I didn't really do any more painting until I needed a creative outlet when my kids were little and I started dabbling in it again

Kids love to color, so I guess in some ways that kid is still in me, because I still love to color and I'm not afraid to admit it, lol!  I like to use paint pens in my work because it allows me to paint on my rock creations in any room of my house without water and brushes.

Painting on  rocks is inexpensive, fun to do, and something the whole family can enjoy... why not try it?  Your kids will love it, and you will too!

Below is a video showing you how you can use a stencil to decorate a rock with flowers.  You can use stencils of any size and shape purchased on line or at a local craft store, the sky is the limit!  So don't think you can't paint flowers, because anyone can paint with a stencil!

In my opinion, the more realistic the flower, the better.  Martha Stewarts'
flower stencil collection rocks!

What a great assortment of colors to get started with your rock painting!

It's best to purchase a stencil brush set to have all sizes on hand


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