Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fabric Covered Button Earrings Tutorial

These fabric covered button earrings are so stylish and they are easy to
make too.  I've made almost 100 pair of my own, I guess
you could say I became addicted to it for a while!

All you need are a button cover kit, they come in quite a few different sizes 
(you can click on the picture below to learn more)

Everything you need to make 50 pairs of button earrings is included

fabric of your choice, you can buy pieces of fabric at any A.C. Moore store as they
now sell packages of small fabric pieces.  I think they cost $9.99 but don't forget your
40% coupon (click on 'Coupon', then click Print Preview to get the coupon with the bar code).
  You can also find many fabulousfabric selections on Amazon, too (you can
click the picture below to see some samples)

Almost too many to choose from!

Earring posts and backs to glue onto the back of the button earring
This package contains enough to make 50 pair of earrings

I would choose the largest size mm if possible, but they all work

In the video above, there are instructions to use hot glue to secure your earring post to the back of your fabric covered button, however, I will recommend using E6000 glue for this because while hot
glue will work initially, it somehow does not keep the post on very long and it will
end up popping off.  E6000 glue is much better for gluing metal to metal.  You can purchase
E6000 glue at any craft store, but you can also buy it on Amazon.

While you can use a hot glue gun, it's best to use E6000 glue to adhere the posts

Here are some pictures of the earrings I made with this kit

My daughter is modeling the 1.5" button earring I made with this kit

Be creative & be happy!

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