Saturday, August 22, 2015

Where Can I Find Rocks To Paint On?

Spring flowers I painted on a flat rock

Finding rocks to paint on is fairly easy, since rocks are everywhere!

Most of the time they are free, too, which in my book, a free canvas is always nice.

You can find rocks in many places... beaches, woods, streams and even on the side of the road are among some of the places that come to mind.

Wow, would I love it if this beach were nearby!

Most towns have a rock yard where they sell rock and slate by the ton to builders and such.  They will most likely have a 'misfit' rock pile filled with rocks and slate that they will sell you for a nominal fee, just ask!

How rock is sold by the ton at a rock yard

If you're like me, once you start painting on rocks, you will start to see them everywhere you look and start designing them in your mind.

I happen to love painting on thinner slate-like rocks like the ones I painted below...

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