Monday, August 31, 2015

Stained Glass Candle Holder - How To Find and Print an Image to Transfer

1. Go to your computer to find pictures that you would like to transfer onto your glass piece simply by typing the word, say perhaps "hummingbird", (or whatever you would like to paint) into your browser, then click on the word "Images" (should be in a list of choices: Web, Shopping, Images, Videos, News, More... on the left hand panel or above) and it will likely bring up many different pictures of hummingbirds. To make the stained glass candle holder below, you would type 'stained glass angels' in your browser, then click 'Images' and so on...

2. Choose a picture you like and think would look good on your glass piece. Left click once on the picture to make it larger.

3. Now hover over the picture and Right click on it. Click 'Save Image As'. You should now see a screen with two white boxes to ask you where you want to save the picture in the top blank white box, the white box below should say JPEG (just computer language for picture). I save my pictures to my Desktop so that I can find them easily.

4. Go to your Desktop to find the picture under the name where you saved it. Open the picture file by left clicking twice over the name of the file. When the file opens up, right click over the picture. Select 'Copy'.

5. In another window, open up a blank word processing file. 'Right click' in the blank Word Processing file. Select 'Paste'. Your image should appear.

6. Once the image appears, hover over the picture and 'Left click' on it. A lined square box should appear around your image, and now you can resize it to fit your glass piece by clicking on the corner of the box and pulling it with your mouse until it's the size you like. Save your image for reference or to resize if you'd like it smaller or larger.

7. Print out your image to transfer to your glass piece. 8. You are now ready to transfer your image to your glass candle holder! Directions for this step are below.

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