Sunday, August 16, 2015

Make These Wire Beaded Earcuffs

It's really easy to make these gorgeous earcuffs designed by Denise Mathew, I have made a few pair already.  Watch this tutorial and make some for yourself or to give as gifts, they are the latest rage! The sky is the limit on what you can make.

I purchased 22 gauge floral craft wire from Michaels (craft store).  It originally was $2.99 and I used a 40% coupon which is always available on line, simply type in and follow the path to their weekly coupon, click on 'print preview' (to get the pic of the ad with the barcode) and the cashier will scan it right on your phone.

So for about $2 plus the cost of the beads (which you can also get at Michael's) you can make lots and lots of these stunning earcuffs.

Below are pictures the ones that I made following the very tutorial above, they look complicated but are pretty easy to do if you follow the video.

Have fun!


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By Stephanie M. Brock on August 21, 2015
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