Friday, July 3, 2020

Learn How to Find Pictures on Your Computer, Resize and Print from a Word Processing Document

Follow the steps below to get pictures from your computer that can easily be downloaded into a word processing document and resized to fit on your canvas (a rock perhaps?)

1.  Go to your computers search engine (I use Google) and type what you would like to find a picture of into the search bar.

2.  In this example, I will be searching for a "hummingbird" (but you can type in whatever you would like, perhaps "garden flowers").  So type 'hummingbird' into the search bar (see picture below...)

3.  Hit 'Enter'.  Nextdirectly underneath the search box or somewhere on the page depending on what search engine you use, you should see a list of choices, they are:  Web, Shopping, Images, Videos, News, More.  Select "Images" from the menu below by left clicking with your mouse on your search screen...

4.  You will see many pictures of 'hummingbirds' appear.  Scroll down until you see one you would like to use for your project.
5.  Using your mouse, hover over your selected picture and 'Left click' once on the picture to make it larger (you should see the picture you selected pop up larger somewhere on your screen).

6.  Now with your mouse, move to hover over the larger version of your selected image and 'Right click' on it (refer to the picture directly below this paragraph).  Select 'Save Image As' from the choices in the box that pops up (it's the seventh choice down in the selections on Google, NOT 'Save LINK As' - there's a difference)

The hummingbird I selected is shown on the right hand side of the screen above.
On the left side of the screen are the smaller pictures of the hummingbirds before I 
selected the one I want to save.  It is the one in the last row on the right.  

7.  You should now have a new window pop up and at the bottom of the screen you should see two long white rectangular boxes, one will be asking you where you want to save the picture, and the other how you want to save your picture...

8.  The answer to 'Where' is 'Desktop' and you should rename it 'hummingbird' in the white box, erasing the computer given name of letters and numbers that it was assigned automatically by backspacing over them and typing in "Hummingbird".  The answer to 'How' is as a 'JPEG' (bottom rectangular box).

9.  Now go to your Desktop to locate your picture under the name you saved it to "Hummingbird".  Open the picture by hitting the 'Left click' button on your mouse while hovering over the picture file on your Desktop.   When the file opens up, 'Right click' while hovering over the picture and in the box that pops up select 'Copy' or 'Copy Image'.

10.  Directly after hitting 'Copy' or 'Copy Image' in the step above exit out of  where you have the picture saved.  In another window, open up a blank word processing document.  'Right click' in the blank word document file.  Select 'Paste'.  Your image should appear!  It should look something like this...

11.  Once the image appears, hover over the picture and 'Left click' on it.  A thin lined box (see the picture above) should appear around your image and now you can resize it easily by clicking on the corner of the box and pulling it with your mouse until it's the size you like.  Save your image into this word processing document for reference or to resize it if you'd like to make it smaller or larger.
12.  If you are going to use this picture to transfer onto a rock by drying it face down onto the surface using Mod Podge, then you should format the picture by flipping it horizontally before you print it out (use the Format button, see the picture above for reference - Format is the last selection on the top line in the word processing document)

13.  Print out your image on your inkjet printer.  You can also print a 'Mirror Image' in the print commands to skip Step 12 above.

14.  If you are going to use my freezer paper method of image transfer, click on the video link below to learn how to print on freezer paper from your computer.


Please note that the videos linked below may have a different subject matter (not “hummingbirds”) and they are just here for your reference and to help you learn about this process.

If you have any questions about the process outlined here, please leave your question(s) in the ‘Comments’ section on one of the videos linked below.

How to Make Freezer Paper Sheets for your Inkjet Printer

Printing Commands Tutorial for Printing onto Freezer Paper

Once you've printed your images onto freezer paper, you can learn how to transfer them onto your rock by watching the video below:

How to Transfer an Image to a Rock Using White Acrylic Paint and Mod Podge


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Learn How to Make Flower and Fairy Motifs for Glass Projects

You can make a jar like this using my method

Well, finally out of desire to create a fairy jar that can be used as a night light, and not being able to purchase transparent fairy rub-on transfers for glass, I came up with an inexpensive way to make them myself.

I love the process of creating something out of nothing, I guess that's why I love crafting!  However, it's frustrating sometimes when I get an idea to make something and just can't quite seem to find the right supplies I need to make it.

This is where sheer determination comes in!  As my mom always told me when I was a child, "use your noodle, Nancy".  In case you don't know what the noodle is, it's your brain, LOL!  Brains can look like a noodle...get it?

...haha, okay, it's not THAT funny, but I just thought about my mom saying that to me, so I thought I'd share.  My lovely mom was full of sayings...

I came up with a way to make beautiful motifs using clear contact paper which can be purchased at any Walmart or Target or on line at Amazon.



Where can I find clipart to use in my glass jar projects?

So you are basically going to be creating your own decoupage motifs and there are many places to find images for this purpose.

One place to look is The Graphics Fairy where there are numerous categories of free printables.  Two categories you may be interested in checking out are Botanicals and Flower images.

Or perhaps you would just like to start making your jars with Silhouettes from the Graphics Fairy.


You can cut pictures out of magazines.  There is also a large inventory of clip art on line that you can purchase the rights to, or you can use my tried and true way which is finding pictures on line by typing search words like ‘realistic flowers’ into Google and clicking on Images.


The following instructions outline an easy way to save and print images from your computer...

1.     In your browser, type the name of a flower, such as daffodils. Position the mouse over ‘Images’.  Hit Enter.

2.    You will see all sorts of pictures of daffodils as a result.

3.    Choose one you would like to work with (try to choose one that will be easy to cut out, with defined lines). Position your mouse over the picture. The picture should get a little larger.

4.    Now right-click on the picture you've selected and it will bring up a menu.  Select ‘Copy Image.’

5.    Open up a word processing document in another window.

6.    In the word processing document, right-click and select ‘Paste.’

7.    Your image will appear, and you can resize it simply by left-clicking again over the image, which should outline it with a black border and dots to mark the edges. With the size of the piece you're working on as a background in mind, resize the picture to fit by moving the mouse.

8.    Print on a color printer. Cut it out and paste it to your glass jar using Mod Podge.  A simple white craft glue like Elmers also works just fine to adhere your design; however, you will need Mod Podge to seal the piece when you are finished designing it. This will give it a polished and beautiful .

9.    This is an easy and inexpensive way to get flower pictures to use for decoupage projects!

Friday, March 20, 2020

How To Transfer an Image to a Rock Using Freezer Paper, White Paint and Mod Podge!

I have been testing out a few methods of image transfer and I think I finally found the best way to do it.

Freezer paper is the answer!  What???  Yes, it's an awesome way to transfer images!

The supplies you will need are...

- Freezer paper! (regular freezer paper roll that you would use in your kitchen like Reynolds)
- Mod Podge 
- Inkjet image (I will explain where to find and get images below for free) 

Supplies needed for Transferring an Image with Freezer Paper


1.  Before transferring the image, take a paint brush and give your rock two or three base coats of acrylic white paint, letting it dry in between coats...

After Step 1 is complete, move on with Step 2 below...

2.  Print an image onto freezer paper (as per the video directly above) using the 'High' quality setting on your printer settings and printing on to the matte side of the paper (not the shiny side).  But before you can print on freezer paper, you have to learn how to make freezer paper sheets...

Watch the video below to learn 
How to Make Freezer Paper Sheets for your Computer

3.  After the ink from the image dries (it takes about an hour after it's printed to completely dry), take a paint brush and some Mod Podge Matte Gel Medium and brush it over your image.  Let the Mod Podge dry onto the image.  It looks white when it's wet, but it will dry clear.

4.  After your image dries with the Mod Podge, take white acrylic paint and brush it onto your rock.  While the paint is still wet, take your printed freezer paper image (with Mod Podge dried on it as per Step 3) and turn it upside down onto the rock so that the ink is face down on the wet white paint.  Burnish the back of the image and let it dry into the white paint (see Step 5 for burnishing procedure).

5.  Using a flat edge like a credit card, push the ink onto the rock by rubbing the back of the freezer paper (non-printed side).  Don't push too hard because you don't want to tear the paper, just make sure you push firmly.  You can your the back of a spoon or if you would like to purchase one, they are sold on line as well.  Here is a link to purchase a burnishing tool.

6.  After the printed freezer paper image dries into the white paint overnight, take some plain tap water and with a paint brush and go over the back of the image with water.  Let it dry.  Do this step 5 times (letting it dry in between water coverings)..

7.   After Step 6 has been completed at least 5 times over, carefully peel the freezer paper from the corner.  The ink from your image should be dried into the paint and come off the paper itself,  The paper that remains on the print can be rolled off in layers (see Step 8 below).

8.  If there are still layers of paper on your image, in other words, if it looks a little cloudy, repeat Step 6 using the tap water.  This time though, you don't have to wait for the image to dry completely, just wait about five minutes before carefully rolling the paper off with your index finger one layer at a time until your image brightens up when most of the paper comes off.  The colors should pop!

For more details on this process of transferring an image, please watch the videos below...

How to Transfer an Image onto a Garden Rock with White Paint and Mod Podge - Part 1

How to Transfer an Image onto a Garden Rock with White Paint and Mod Podge - Part 2

9.  Now you can take your art pens and color in the rest of the rock.  You can use acrylic paint, but I think Sharpies work best.  If you want to paint anywhere, Arteza Paint Pens let you paint without all the mess!  They provide a wide variety of colors that you can use to enhance the paint already transferred.

10.  Once the paint has dried and you are satisfied with it, use a weather resistant sealer to seal the surface.  Weather resistant is not weather proof though, so if your rock is going to be placed outside, you will have to spray it every six months or so to keep the colors bright.

Be creative, and be happy!

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Painted Angel Rock Tutorial

In the video below, I will show you how to take a stained glass themed picture of an angel and transfer it onto a rock.  After it's been transferred, you can use acrylic paint pens to color it.

To make this rock, or one like it, you will need the following 


A smooth rock

How to Get a Picture of Stained Glass Angel from your Computer (for free)


1.  Paint your rock with a base coat of white acrylic paint two or three times, letting it dry in between coats.

2.  Find a picture you would like to transfer onto a rock by using the following method here...  On your computer, search the term 'stained glass angel'.   After you get the results, look directly under the Google Search box, hover over 'IMAGES' and left click.  You should see a variety of images of stained glass angels that you can make your selection from.

3.  In another window, open up a WORD PROCESSING document.

4.  Go back to your stained glass angel image search.  Did you choose an angel picture you would like to transfer to your rock?  I thought this one would be nice for a future rock that I will paint...

5.  After you choose your image, hover over the 'IMAGE' you have selected.  RIGHT CLICK on the image, and select 'COPY IMAGE' by clicking on it.

6.  Go back in to your blank WORD PROCESSING document, and RIGHT CLICK again.  This time, select 'PASTE'.  Your IMAGE will appear.  Print out your IMAGE* so you can proceed with the next steps.

*It does not have to be printed in color, but use the picture's colors as a guide for applying your paint or marker to the rock when you are ready.

7.   Place a piece of your Saral Graphite Transfer Paper on top of your rock which has been painted with several coats of white paint (make sure the white paint is dry).  Place your printed image on top of the transfer paper and secure it to your rock using Scotch tape.  With a pen go over the lines directly on your image to transfer it to your rock.  Make sure the graphite paper is facing the right way.

8.  Watch the videos below to learn how to finish your stained glass-themed rock painting.

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Free Poncho Pattern

I live in North Carolina and the winter here is not always cold enough to require a heavy jacket, so I got the idea to make a poncho to throw over myself when running errands.

I really like the look of this one, and the hood too, it just looks so comfortable.

I also thought it would be nice to wear on a plane trip or for a long car ride because sometimes it gets really cold and you want a blanket but at the same time want to keep your hands free...  

Anyway, I thought I would post this free pattern from Ravelry.  I will post a picture when I'm done.

Medium & Large:

Round 1: ch61, join in first ch (both loops), ch1, hdc60, sl st (using both loops), ch1
Round 2-16: hdc60, sl st, ch1
This is the end of the Cowl. Continue to R17 to make the Poncho.
Round 17: *inc, hdc4* (72sts)
Round 18-22: hdc72, sl st, ch1
Skip to Round 23 below and continue to desired length.
Round 23: *inc, hdc5*, sl st, ch1 (84sts)
Round 24: *inc, hdc6*, sl st, ch1 (96sts)
Round 25: *inc, hdc7*, sl st, ch1 (108sts)
Round 26: *inc, hdc8*, sl st, ch1 (120sts)
Round 27-28: hdc around, sl st, ch1 (120sts)
Round 29: *inc , hdc9*, sl st, ch1 (132sts)
Round 30-31: hdc around, sl st, ch1 (132sts)
For Capelet, fasten off and sew the tail in. Continue for Poncho.
Round 32: *inc, hdc10*, sl st, ch1 (144sts)
Round 33: hdc around, sl st, ch1 (144sts)
Round 34: *inc, hdc11*, sl st, ch1 (156sts)
Round 35: hdc around, sl st, ch1 (156sts)
Round 36: *inc, hdc12*, sl st, ch1 (168sts)
Round 37: *inc, hdc13*, sl st, ch1 (180sts)
Round 38: *inc, hdc14*, sl st, ch1 (192sts)
Round 39: *inc, hdc15*, sl st, ch1 (204sts)
Round 40: *inc, hdc16*, sl st, ch1 (216sts)
Round 41: *inc, hdc17*, sl st, ch1 (228sts)
Round 42: *inc, hdc18*, sl st, ch1 (240sts)
When you find the length is sufficient, fasten off and sew in the tails. Continue for a longer fit.
Round 43: *inc, hdc19*, sl st, ch1 (252sts)
Round 44: *inc, hdc20*, sl st, ch1 (264sts)
Round 45: *inc, hdc21*, sl st, ch1 (276sts)
Round 46: *inc, hdc22*, sl st, ch1 (288sts)
Round 47: *inc, hdc23*, sl st, ch1 (300sts)
Round 48: *inc, hdc24*, sl st, ch1 (312sts)
Round 49: *inc, hdc25*, sl st, ch1 (324sts)

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Learn How to Crochet Earrings!

If you know how to crochet already, this project might be for you!

Bohemian style crochet earrings are so trendy right now, the new look is boho from what I understand, and these earrings are definitely Boho!

Once you get started, there is just no end to how many pairs you can make because they only take a short time to complete!

One tip I will give you when you if you decide to start making these fashionable and trendy earrings is to make both earrings before moving on to the next earring pattern.  This way you won't forget which pattern you were using and what size hook to use.

You can purchase the pattern for the earrings pictured above at Creative Accessorise, one of my favorite Etsy shops to purchase earring patterns from.

Below is a picture of another pattern from the same shop...  

I learned how to crochet from a friend who knew how.  She learned from her grandmother, and in turn was able to show me first hand how to crochet, read a pattern, and guide me through my first few projects which was so helpful. 

But if you don't know how to crochet and want to learn, there are many videos on YouTube available to teach you, just type learn how to crochet into the search bar, and you will come up with videos like this...

Or perhaps you might want to purchase a book to teach you.  Here is a link to a book ...

Click on picture above to learn more about this great instructional book...

Customer review:  "This must be the best crochet course book ever written. I have a few, including the one from Rowan, which goes directly into the stitching almost immediately. This book, however, gives you the why of doing something a certain way. It tells you how to choose the right yarn for the right project, It gives you so much up-front information, that all your questions are answered before you ever pick up the hook and lay it to yarn."

I will say that having the right size hooks with a good handle is really important especially when you are just beginning.  Here is a great choice...

Click on picture to learn more about these crochet hooks
Customer Review:  "I love these crochet hooks. I like the rubber ergonomic handles. I have arthritis and it helps to hold and work comfortably. I especially like that it includes the letters and not just the MM hook size. I highly recommend these hooks and like them so much I have ordered a set to use when I travel in our RV and will order them as a gift for the girl I am teaching crochet."

Recently my daughter asked me to teach her how to crochet and she is making a super soft cozy blanket for her first project and is doing a fantastic job.  I will post a picture of it when she's done.

Here is a picture of my daughter modeling a pair of large turquoise crochet earrings I made following the instructional video below (under the picture of her)

I am working on translating the above video into a written pattern.  While I actually enjoy this woman's voice, some may find it a little difficult to understand because she has a thick accent.  I will post the written pattern here under the video after I transcribe it.

Crocheting is a relaxing hobby, and it's a great way to accomplish something perhaps while you are binge watching one of your favorite shows.  I always have a project going.

I love the style of crochet earrings and have found a source for purchasing patterns on Etsy that may interest you as well.  Here is the link to the Etsy shop where I puchased at least 10 amazing patterns.

These crochet earrings are boho, stylish, versatile and lightweight.  They make great gifts for friends and the ideas are endless as far as what you can make and perhaps even sell at craft fairs.

There's just no end to how many different earrings you can make with yarns like these...

This yarn weighs 5g and it is the same kind of yarn I used to make the
 turquois eearrings above that my daughter is modeling.  I used a 2.25 hook
To learn more about this yarn, click on the picture above

Crochet projects are really just the combination of three to four basic stitches and once you learn these, it's the combination of these basic stitches that can make beautiful projects like the earrings below.

Links to my PINTEREST Boards:

<< See most of my artwork here:  nancymaggielee>>

Painted Grapevine StemlessWine Glass

Tshirt - Crafter Tshirt
Tshirt - Crafter Tshirt

So, if you're going to crochet earring, you may want to have a pair of really sharp scissors on hand like the ones pictured below.  They are great for trimming fringe, especially on macrame earrings...

Tailor Scissors